High Meadow Ranch Online Tee Times

Booking Policies

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To ensure accuracy, please refine your search to the correct day and time.

You will need a valid credit card to book a tee time and guarantee your reservation.  The credit card is not charged at the time of reservation.

A "No Times Available" response is issued to all requests greater than fourteen (14) days in advance.

When making a tee time, the system will post a maximum of twelve (12) available times at once.

All fees are due upon arrival at the golf course - the booking date is used to determine any applicable discounts. Reservations made more than five (5) days in advance are subject to full fee. To receive special rates, the coupon or email must be presented at time of check in.

You may reserve tee times for up to four (4) golfers with our online reservation system. To reserve tee times for up to twelve (12) people, please contact the pro-shop at (281) 356-7700. Groups of thirteen (13) or more, please contact Jackie Smith at 281-356-7700.

Cancellation Policy

At least 24 hours notice must be given to cancel or make changes to a scheduled tee time. You must contact the golf shop in order to change your tee time. Please do not send emails to the golf shop requesting tee times, changes or cancellations. Failure to cancel a scheduled tee time may result in charges. The credit card holder is responsible for all applicable charges and will be automatically billed for the full price for all players booked under this reservation.

I understand and agree to the above policies... Click Here to Book a Tee Time.

Thank you for choosing to make your tee time online. The above policies are strictly enforced and are designed to promote an easy and convenient reservation system for our golfers.

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